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The Corona Suite

New music for you as a musician
during Corona!

Currently staying home because of Corona? No reason to stop playing! This project provides you new material to inspire you and have fun with.

Illustration Birgitta Schwansee

The Corona Suite

The Corona Suite is being written right now (three out of five tunes ready)! Awesome brand new tunes including everything you need: good parts, an mp3’s and more, but listen first what you can expect.

Compilation of the first three tunes of the Corona Suite
Who is playing? See below


Wat een supermooi stuk heb je ons weer toegestuurd!
Het klinkt lekker, fijne groove en zeer uitdagend.
Marja, piano, The Netherlands

Magnífica, impresionante, emocionante,
Me gusta muchoooooo
Cada obra es mejor que la anterior, no podría elegir
Obras de arte, genial!

Emilio, saxophones, Spain

Very nice intiative! 
Nice pieces at a perfect level for my pupils. 
Nice recordings as well! Good sound and well played.

Gregg, trombone, director and music teacher, USA

Wow, das ist unglaublich, ich finde, es fängt die Stimmung sehr gut ein. Danke für diese schöne Musik!
Friedrike, alto saxophone, Germany

How can you join?

For only € 50,= you will receive the five tunes of the Corona Suite plus the Prelude as a welcome gift.

  • Send me an email by clicking the button. Don’t forget to mention for which instrument you want to receive the files
  • I’ll directly send you the Prelude and the payment info
  • After your payment is received I will send you the files of the tunes written so far (three) and the others as soon as they come out (approx. two weeks between each song)

Want to try out first? Feel free to order just the first tune (€15,=) of the Suite. You can decide to continue later for the price of € 35,= (same instrument, same e-mail adress).

!!! As soon as measures allow we will be playing a live version of the Corona Suite in Amsterdam with as many participants as possible to celebrate live music to be back in the streets again !!!


What can you expect?

  • MP3 of the total song
  • MP3 with your part louder on it
  • MP3 without your part so that you can play it yourself
  • MP3 of the song without solo’s so that you can play your own!
  • Sheetmusic of your part
  • Solochanges for improvising
  • Tips and teaching materials tailored for these tunes
  • (optional) Feedback in (on- or offline) lessons
Trumpet part of the tune ‘Empty Streets’ as being played in the audio fragment below

What does it bring?

  • Getting inspired by nice and well played new tunes
  • Keep up your chops for embouchure and technique
  • Get some nice new songs to play solo’s on
  • Develop new abilities with inspiring teaching materials
  • Join the live concert where we play the Suite as soon as we can

Share and enjoy

Apart from these advantages for you as an individual you may enjoy it with other musicians. Musicians that you already know and play with or musicians you do not yet know!

  • You’ll be able to play the tune together with others without ever having rehearsed!
  • Perfect to prepare for any gathering like a a meeting in the park, under the bridge, a flashmob, demonstration or festival as soon as Corona measures allow this

This is the perfect material for spontaneous music meetings. All that you need to do is pick some nice tunes, download the parts of them and practice them at home individually. Then join with your friends and play them right away!

Toon Oomen playing the first piece of the Corona Suite: Spaans Benauwd

Corona Suite as a gift to others

You might know people that you like to surprise with a musical gift. This is a very unusual one and at the same time unique!

Let your friend(s) enjoy the suite by sending me an email telling me which instrument your friend plays and what e-mail address the files can be sent to, and if you wish add a personal note for your friend.

Live and let live

Of course it is possible to multiply your own obtained files, but please keep in mind that this is my creative answer to Corona. All my other work stopped and this is what I currently make a living of.

What will be next?

No need to stop after the Corona Suite!

After these five pieces I will invite interesting Composers and bands to share their material at this place. Local bands, known bands, upcoming bands. It will be a meeting place for both amator and professional musicians to exchange songs and ideas and get inspiration from each others playing.

Musicians of the Corona Suite

  • Onno van Swigchem – idea, compositions, saxophones
  • Mark Nieuwenhuis – trumpet
  • Salvoandrea Lucifora – trombone
  • Axel Schappert – tuba
  • Toon Oomen – drums

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